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This studio holds itself to a belief that every project must be considerate to the site, community, culture and environment to which it exists in. Our projects are an exploration of the uniqueness found in each client and site.

We ask our clients to critique their preconceptions and envision how the home can be shaped to their desires. Whether a home is for entertaining or solitude, or any other use, each project caters to the specificity of the client’s story.


We find inspiration all around and seek exposure to this world to inform our work.

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Over the course of his studies and professional career spanning several countries Taylor Pressly approaches his work with consideration of the past, present and future. Influenced by his upbringing in the outer edges of the Los Angeles suburban sprawl, Taylor advocates quality over quantity, favouring smaller individual footprints with greater community connectivity.

After working at award winning practices in New Zealand and Australia, Taylor established his own practice in 2016 to directly contribute to creating enjoyable and fulfilling architecture.



Photography by Taylor